ORBITER beta packages

A list of recent Orbiter beta snapshots. These are mainly intended for development and testing of Orbiter graphics clients.


Unpack the beta zip file over a fresh installation of the current Orbiter release version (v.060929). Installing a newer beta over an older one should usually work.

A note for users: Please note that beta snapshots are potentially unstable and may not work with addons compiled for Orbiter release distributions.

A note for developers: Please do not publish any addons or modules linked against a beta version of the Orbiter API. The programming interface of Orbiter betas changes rapidly, and addons compiled against a beta will almost certainly not work with the current or next release version (and probably not even with the next beta).

Using Orbiter beta versions to develop or test graphics clients: If you want to try a precompiled graphics client for Orbiter, or compile from sources, make sure you install the correct Orbiter beta package (the developer of the client should have mentioned the Orbiter beta version he used to compile the client).

If you are developing a client yourself, you should always compile against the latest beta to make sure you keep in line with the latest API developments. Please specify the Orbiter beta version you used in a readme file.

Current beta snapshot


Previous snapshots